our philosophy.

GRNDHOUSE was founded with one goal in mind: to demystify the outdated stereotypes around strength training and show how easily strength-based training can transform your mind, body and happiness – either in the gym or at home.

As five friends and fitness professionals, we’ve taught, championed and sweated our way through every type of boutique workout class – from boxing to cardio, HIIT to yoga – but one thing remains clear: neglecting strength training is a big mistake.

We know the weights area in the gym can be intimidating and we know that lifting a dumbbell might seem more complicated than lacing up your trainers and going for a run, but it doesn’t have to be. Enter: GRNDHOUSE.

Offering structured strength training via on-demand classes. GRNDHOUSE will provide targeted goal-focused classes with guidance on form and technique from some of the best personal trainers in the UK.

Each class will talk you through which free weights or resistance bands you need and how to use them effectively, showing you how to become physically and mentally strong, whatever your goal.

We believe GRNDHOUSE has the power to transform the way people exercise forever.

At home or in the gym.It’s time to train. See you in class!

Louis, Jay, Connor, Nik, Izy & Esmee #StrongerTogether