redefining home workouts.

Designed to build endurance, stability, power and confidence, each class has a specific goal-based focus to help you progress and enhance both your physical and mental health.

efficient. effective. explosive.

monday - lower body
Build strength and muscular endurance with this quad-and-glute specific conditioning class that combines heavy resistance work with bodyweight-specific exercises. Feel the burn and squat and lunge your way to the strongest you.

45 mins


tuesday - upper body
Create a strong and athletic upper body using progressively heavier weights under the meticulous instruction of your trainer. This class will test your balance, coordination and strength – and take every ounce of energy you’ve got.

45 mins


wednesday - grnd + flex
GRND + FLEX is designed to increase your performance and help you train the body parts you do not want to miss.
abs and core
biceps and triceps
grnd with one

40 mins


thursday - total body
Using dumbbells and dynamic bodyweight movements, this full-body workout builds endurance, increases strength, burns fat and works every muscle group in your body. You won’t find any speed work or cardio here... but trust us, you won’t need it. Expect serious results.

45 mins


friday - grnd + flow
What do you get when you cross strength training with mobility? GRND & Flow combines a dynamic  flow and challenging poses with specific, targeted resistance training designed to strengthen, lengthen and energise. This hybrid class brings both balance and awareness to your body and breathing, promising to leave you feeling open in mind and body.

45 mins


saturday - grndhouse hustle
This is the advanced version of our signature ‘total body’ class with a heavy twist. Turn up the intensity and prepare for longer holds, more reps, heavier weights and less rest. Featuring not one, but two trainers – this is our toughest, biggest, longest workout. This is where the hard work happens. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

60 mins

very high

sunday - bodyweight
Short, quick and sweaty as hell, this high-intensity class requires zero equipment and maximum effort. In just 30 minutes you’ll test your lung capacity and torch excess calories with explosive movements designed to target every major muscle.

30 mins