frequently asked questions.

From buying memberships to accessing our online training videos, we have the answers. However, if you can't find the answer to your question and still need help, please contact us.
what equipment do i need?
Equipment requirements are noted in the class description – we usually recommend at least two medium dumbbells. If you have a selection, fantastic, and if you have a bench as well, even better!

If you don’t have equipment, don’t worry – plenty of our workouts require no equipment and bodyweight modifications are available.
Can I buy equipment directly from GRNDHOUSE?
We are in the process of developing equipment to cover everything you will need to do our classes, so hold tight!
How heavy should my weights be?
If you’re a beginner, we suggest just using your body weight to begin with (so you can focus on your form and technique). When you progress to weights, you should try to pick a weight that challenges you but doesn’t break you – this is totally relative to your ability.
We use a mixture of different weights in our classes – ‘light’, ‘medium’, ‘medium/heavy’ and ‘heavy’. Light weights range from 2.5kg to 5kg, medium from 5kg to 10kg, medium/heavy from 6kg to 12.5kg and heavy from 10kg to 17.5kg and above.
Should I be training every day?
Our meticulously designed programme was made with Monday to Sunday in mind. We've created a 360-degree approach to training. This means that somedays you'll be programmed with heavy lifting strength classes – such as UpperBody, Lower Body and Total Body – while others will focus on mobility and posture, for example, GRND & Flow.
How do I know when to graduate to using a heavier set of dumbbells for my workouts?
There will come a time when the exercises and classes you used to struggle with start to feel comfortable. In order to progress, we suggest you give your muscles the necessary stimulus to adapt and grow. As a guide, take its low – you don’t need to increase the weight or reps for the whole workout ,instead start to increase the intensity (and weight) gradually
Should I warm up first?
At GRNDHOUSE we strongly believe in mobilising, activating and preparing the muscles for the exercises you’re about to do. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Every class will start with a warm up and specific movement preparation including mobility drills and dynamic stretching.
How can I prevent myself from getting injured?
Our programme is designed to load and ‘deload’ the muscles throughout the week so you’re never overtraining. Some days you may go relatively heavy, whereas others may be more volume based. For tips and tricks on technique, check out our GRND101 videos on Instagram. We also really recommend doing our GRND & Flow class every week in order to stretch and mobilise – allowing the body to recover and adapt.
My muscles are sore three days afterwards – is this normal?
This is completely normal, yes! DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is very common when the muscles are introduced to something new – it’s the muscle fibres tearing in order to be built back stronger! It’s a sign of your fitness progressing. DOMS usually only happen when you first start training – 24 hours after your session. Remember to drink lots of water!
Can I trial GRNDHOUSE before I purchase a membership?
Yes, currently the first 7 days are free for new memberships so you can experience all the workouts and trainers!
what membership options are available?
Please refer to our pricing page for our membership options. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions!

See you in class!
Can i cancel my membership?
If you choose the Silver Membership rolling payment plan per month, you have the option to cancel at any time. You will continue to have access until your current monthly membership cycle finishes. Our Founding Membership and Gold Membership upfront payment plans do not allow for you to cancel at anytime nor can we offer a refund.
How do i cancel my membership?
We're sorry to see you go! To cancel your membership, please log in to your account, click on the drop down menu, click ‘My Subscription’ and then ‘Cancel’. Alternatively you can ring your bank.
Will I lose access to GRNDHOUSE immediately upon cancelling my membership?
Upon cancellation, you will be able to access GRNDHOUSE content until the end of your billing cycle.
how do i change/reset my password?
To change your password, please log in to your account, click Account Settings, click Profile and thenChange Password. To reset your password, please visiting the login page of the website and clicking on the forgotten password link.
Can I pay per class instead?
Let’s be honest – if you really want to see a difference you need to be training consistently each week. So, unfortunately, we don’t offer drop-in classes. Please see our pricing page for more information on different membership costs.
Can I watch over mobile internet?
Yes - Streaming and playback quality will depend on your ISP and mobile network provider, we recommend connecting to your home WiFi.
is there an app?
Watch this space...
Can I watch GRNDHOUSE videos on my smart TV?
Yes! Simply screen share from your computer onto the TV or just click through to our website on the TV Browser.