the grndhouse method
No Workout Does More In Less Time
50 minutes of high intensity strength training.
I See You, You See Me
Instructor led classes in an auditorium layout with a stage, so you can clearly see our instructors and they can clearly see you.
structure is key
Each day focuses on a different muscle group to condition the entire body throughout the week. Low and high impact days mean you can come every day and not burn out.
Please Don't Stop The Music
Each trainer curates a playlist to each class to motivate you through the hardest moments.
Hit the lights
We'll take you on a journey with light changes that drop right when you need them to.
trust the science
High intensity strength training = the quickest way to improve body composition.
our classes
strength & sweat
Strength & Sweat - Our signature class, focusing on lifting with intent. Expect heavy/medium lifting with plenty of time to catch your breathe. Through careful planning and expert teaching, our trainers will coach you through this workout to become the strongest version of you.
tone & burn
Tone & Burn - Light weight, intense resistance for a deep burn! At GRNDHOUSE, we take a 360 approach to strength, which means lifting light too. However, do not be fooled by the title - expect to feel the burn during and after class!
grndhouse hustle
This is the advanced version of our signature 'Total Body' class with a twist. Turn up the intensity and prepare for longer holds, more reps, challenging weights and less rest. Featuring not one, but two trainers - this is our toughest, biggest, longest workout. This is where the hard work happens. Don't say we didn't warn you.