the grndhouse method
No Workout Does More In Less Time
50 minutes of high intensity strength training.
I See You, You See Me
Instructor led classes in an auditorium layout with a stage, so you can clearly see our instructors and they can clearly see you.
structure is key
Each day focuses on a different muscle group to condition the entire body throughout the week. Low and high impact days mean you can come every day and not burn out.
Please Don't Stop The Music
Each trainer curates a playlist to each class to motivate you through the hardest moments.
Hit the lights
We'll take you on a journey with light changes that drop right when you need them to.
trust the science
High intensity strength training = the quickest way to improve body composition.
our classes
Our Strength classes focus on execution with intent. Expect to lift heavy or medium/heavy dumbbells with plenty of time to focus on correct form and technique. We work the body from different angles using a broad range of fundamental movements to ensure we reach muscle failure.
Our Sculpt classes use a mixture of bands & light/medium weights. Expect intense resistance for a deep burn. Instead of working the larger muscle groups we target the accessory muscles that are vital for creating a balanced physique. With these high energy faster paced workouts, we use short breaks with little time to rest. These workouts will deliver the pump and burn you need.
Our Sweat classes are essentially high-volume weightlifting. Using medium to heavy dumbbells and multi joint movements, we will test your muscle endurance, stamina and aerobic engine.

Our signature class where the mental challenge will push you just as much as the physical. This is a real chance for you to break through your barriers and realise your potential.